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Monday June 25th 2018

Tournament D-Day

Hobart seemed a lot darker in the mornings than in Sydney – I would have slept through my alarm if Skye had not woken me up. Braving the cold Tasmanian chill, I took my army downstairs (oh yes, I stayed at the Hotel where the tournament was going to be held – given my poor punctuality track record) to meet the gamers. Everybody was visibly pumped to get started – onwards to the first round!

Beautifully Modelled Tournament Tables

Tournament D-Day -1

We have arrived in Tassie!

Tassie Oysters

Some rude JetStar staff asked me to throw all my water-based paint away because they didn’t say they were ‘not flammable’.

Perhaps I should have thrown my drinks away too, since they didn’t say they were ‘not drugs’, or throw my toothbrush away since it didn’t say it was ‘not a weapon’.

Nevertheless, once I reached the hotel, I had to promptly abandon my original sight-seeing plans and instead look for paint in Area 52 – one of the organisers of the tournament. The plane trip shook my models around, and many of them needed touch-ups before I could compete in the morning.

Luckily, the staff fixed me up with paints quickly, and my fiance and I were able to fit in a little cruise around the wharf and have an Oyster lunch.

Touching Up the Hammerhead Gunships

Tournament begins tomorrow.

Tasmanian State Championships 2010

What better opportunity to start my Warhammer 40,000 blog than the Tasmanian State Championships?

Over the last 3 months, I started building a new Tau army specifically for the Tournament. Being a primary Tyranid player, I decided the Tau will be a challenge for me to play (not that I was very good with the ‘Nids anyway). The TSC was also a great excuse for me to start a new army – such is the addicting qualities of this hobby that you would readily justify spending big on models whenever and however you can!

The following is my Army List:


2x Shas ‘El XV8 ‘Fire Knife’ Commanders (Plasma rifle, Missile Pod, Targeting Array, Hard-wired Multi-tracker)
97 pts each

XV8 'Fire Knife' Commander
Shas'El 'Energy Storm' Vu'Rayim

The two commander battlesuits provide accurate mid to long range fire against high-toughness models and vehicles.


2x XV8 ‘Firestorm’ Battlesuits (Multitracker, Burst Cannon, Missile Pod)
50 pts each

2x XV8 ‘Torch’ Battlesuits (Twin-linked flamer, Missile Pod)
43 pts each

2x XV8 ‘Burning Eye’ Battlesuits (Twin-linked Plasma Rifle, Targeting Array)

XV8 Battlesuits

Battlesuits of various weapon loadouts form specialised hunting teams; Firestorm battlesuits provide high-volume fire against light vehicles and infantry squads, Torch battlesuits form a counterattacking anti-horde unit and the Burning Eye team snipe enemy high-armoured monsters and infantry.


2x 12 Fire Warriors (Shas’Ui, Pulse Rifles, Devilfish with Disruption Pods and Vehicle-Mounted Multi-Tracker)

225 pts per squad + Devilfish transport

12 Fire Warriors (Shas’Ui, Pulse Carbines)
130 pts

2x 12 Kroot Carnivores (4x Kroot Hounds)
108 pts

Fire Warriors

I decided to take a large number of Fire Warriors in this list, as I was planning a very defensive posture for all my battles. Fire Warriors can also be relied upon to make hard attacks when disembarking from their Devilfish transports. Most tau players refuse to take Fire Warriors with anything but Pulse Rifles, but I decided that having such a large number of warriors with the same long-ranged weapon was actually going to limit my flexibility in the battle. Moving and shooting 18” to me was a good trade-off for against the rifle’s extra attack at short-range.

I guess time will tell if my decision to include Pulse Carbines is a good choice or not.

Fast Attack:

8x Pathfinders (Shas’Ui, Blacksun filter, Photon grenades, Devilfish with Disruption Pod and Vehicle-Mounted Multi-Tracker)
212 pts


I’ve only just realised that Blacksun filter filter is useless in the Tournament. If I can deploy first in a Night Fighting mission (Dawn of War), my pathfinders will still need to move onto the board since they are neither a Troops or HQ choice. At the least, they will only be able to use their markerlights in turn 2.

Heavy Support:

2x Hammerhead Gunships (Disruption Pods, Vehicle-Mounted Multi-Tracker, Railgun, Burst Cannons)
165 pts each

The standard Tau battle tank is also my favourite vehicle in Warhammer 40K, especially when equipped with the right wargear.

The list is tank-heavy, and they fulfill the screening role to support my infantry the same way most other Tau players use Kroot or Piranhas. However, I think tanks are more effective in this role since they cannot be locked in close-combat, and they can tank-shock enemies who get too close. Remember, even Fearless enemies must move out of the way of a charging tank!

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