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Friday March 23rd 2018

Space Marine Chapter Name Generator

*Update 1.1 – removed strange (or totally awesome) animal combos… like ‘Dragon Panthers’.

Following on from the roaring success of the Space Marine Name Generator, I’ve created a Space Marine Chapter Name Generator for the guys who are looking for inspiring DIY chapter names.

As always, if you generate a great name, please post below, feedback is welcome!

Space Marine Name Generator

UPDATE: If you like the Name Generator, check out the infinitely cooler Infinite Lore generator!



Unlike most name generators, this app only has 20% chance of using an existing ‘library’ of existing Space Marine character names. The rest are Greco-Roman phenomes that I programmed myself, using existing names as guides. If ‘funny’ alliteration occurs (like ‘Fabibius’), it makes several attempts to regenerate the name to be less tongue-twisty.

If you generate a great name, please post below, feedback is welcome!

Centuris, Ultramarines Ironclad Dreadnought

Brother Centuris

Few are alive who have witnessed the heroism of Battle Brother Centuris as a power-armoured marine, save for Chaplain Cassius of the Ultramarines. It was on Macragge, during the Tyrannic wars that Centuris, the young flamer specialist for his tactical squad, put duty first and etched his name into the proud histories of the Ultramarines forever.

As part of the relief force sent to make contact with the 1st Company in the northern polar fortress, Centuris led the way in the dark corridors, burning aliens lying in ambush of his squad. There was zero warning when a brood of chameleonic Lictors leapt onto the squad in an explosion of hooks, scythes and claws. While mortally wounded, squad sergeant Hyperio retold how Centuris alone forced his flamer into the maw of a Lictor, causing the beast to explode in a ball of gore and promethium, and how Centuris took up the gladius of two fallen marines to fight the other lictors like a cyclone to allow the rest of his squad make a tactical withdrawal.
Even as a lictor plunged its feeder tendrils into Brother Centuris’ skull, the dying marine detonated his frag grenades and destroyed the alien without fear or hesitation.
It is after barely surviving this encounter that Centuris was blessed with Ironclad Dreadnought armour so that his inspiring courage may live on. Epic tales of Brother Centuris continue to be written where the Ultramarines face the most dangerous foe, for Centuris alone crushed a Bloodthirster on Medusa V, routed an entire Tau hunter cadre through his hurricane bolters, and forced entire traitor regiments into submission with his chainfist.
Dreadnought Power Plant

Upcoming Project – Ultramarines Tournament Army

I was about this close to rebuilding my Tyranid army for this year’s Tasmanian State Championship tournament, but decided at the last moment to build an Ultramarines force instead.

Captain Agemman
Captain Agemman - Regent of Ultramar

With the latest releases of variant Space Marine codexes (Space Wolves and Blood Angels), low murmurs have grown into loud shouts that ‘codex creep’ has rendered the classic Marine army obsolete. Indeed, in the last TSC, the overall champ and many of the top players had Space Wolves armies.

Despite the many advantages of the new lists, I am a firm believer that the standard Astartes list still has a few tricks up its sleeve:

  • Null Zone – This librarian ability is likely the best force ability in the entire Warhammer 40k game – those who say it doesn’t make an impact have obviously never tried dealing with (Dark) Eldar, Daemons, Terminators and Damned Legionaires the easy way.
  • Telion – Eye of Vengeance? BS6? Shooter allocates the wounds? Say goodbye to special characters!
  • Special Characters – A stack of special characters can give buffs to the entire army, and some of these like Sicarius and Calgar do not replace Combat Tactics, so their benefits are accumulative!
  • Land Speeder Storm – they, well, suck on paper – but the models look 10x better than the variant exclusives.
  • Thunderfire Cannon – opposite of the Storm…

Anyway, on paper we can pick at all the ups and downs and say what we want but I think winning battles rely more on the commander than any special rule can offer. I intend to prove this year that the vanilla Marines are still a force to be reckoned with.

Let the building commence!

Party Marine
Party Marine

TSC 2010 Summary and Unit Review

After two days of hard fighting, the Hunter Cadre decides that they have seen enough dying, and return to their home world of Sa’cea to await further orders from Tau command.

My first Warhammer 40k tournament was a great experience, and I got to see some amazing armies on display. My final tally is 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses putting me smack in the middle of the pack.

I received 1st place for ‘Best Sportsman’ and received a Trygon model kit which is incredible since I didn’t expect to win any of the prizes –  all in all Hobart was well worth the trip!

My Loot

Army Unit Summary

Battlesuits – all my XV8 suit teams, especially my commanders did some amazing damage for their points cost. My only ‘surprise’ unit was the twin-linked Flamer team, that only managed to do their up-close-toasting job once in the first game to wipe out a Dark Eldar Wyche squad, but even then, they were killed straight afterwards. Long ranged weapon loadouts such as the missile pod and plasma rifles were the main killers, and I could really have used more of them. Another reason why my Flamer team didn’t do so well was because I face so many Marine opponents – they were more likely to make more impact against a horde enemy like Orks or Tyranids.

Fire Warriors- three full squads of fire warriors did a great job of covering vast areas of the battlefield, and made good use of the small number of markerlight hits, but the Pulse Carbine equipped squad didn’t give me the extra flexibility that I had hoped. I guess they did add a little extra firepower on foot when the Devilfish transports started exploding but in the end I would have loved to have another squad of Pulse Rifles instead for the extra range.

Kroot Carnivores/Hounds- The Kroot provided a good volume of support fire for the Fire Warriors, and they did slow the opponent down in some situations, but I felt they were still not utilised to their full potential. Their close-combat was dismal, and they would probably have performed better if they formed a single large squad instead. This way, they would have performed better when receiving assaults.

Devilfish Transports- The transport tanks and their gun drones played a huge part in delaying the enemy, and undeniably better than the Kroot in fulfilling the same role. Their ability to Tank Shock enemies was a rare but useful tactic that saved my troops more than once.

Pathfinders- The Tau scouts lit up the battlefield and contributed greatly to the shooting I had in my victorious games. This squad could probably have been divided into two smaller teams to give more flexibility in target selection – but other than that, this team performed very well in all my games.

Hammerheads – Ah, the fearsome Hammerhead gunships. Their supreme firepower guaranteed me early kills against enemy transports and walkers, and having two of them really allowed my tanks to dictate the positioning of enemy vehicles. I could not imagine winning any games if these gunships were not part of my arsenal.

The Hunter Cadre

TSC Round 5 Tau vs Chaos Marines

Round 5 Tau (Garry) vs Chaos Marines (Leigh)
Spearhead, Annihilation

Fire Warriors and Khorne Berzerkers collide over the ancient ruins of a lifeless world.


A central set of arcane ruins stands out above scattered ruins around the battlefield. Two opposite corners of the table consist of elevated terrain, protected by cratered grounds and barbed wire.


The Tau form a highly defensive gunline in an elevated corner of the field with two Fire Warrior teams flanking the pathfinders. My third Fire Warrior team equipped with Carbines remain onboard their Devilfish transport toward the left flank, and both sides are overlooked by Hammerhead gunships.

Leigh deploys his Chaos Rhino transports and Land Raider behind the central ruins, away from direct line of sight. A Chaos Sorceror and his Chaos Terminators are embarked in the Land Raider, while the Rhinos contan Khorne Berzerkers, Huron Blackheart and Chaos Chosen. A squad of Chaos Marines deploy defensively in area terrain.

Keeping in mind that Leigh will deep-strike a squad of Obliterators, I infiltrate a Kroot Squad in some area terrain across the board, and the other toward the centre to contest the ruins and oversee potential deep-strike zones.


Again, I got the first move (I think I got to go first in most of my games this tournament). My centrally-placed Kroot squad wastes no time dashing into the ruins in the middle of the board.

My Devilfish transports cruise forward, spaced evenly apart to provide cover for my battlesuits following behind. Gun drones disembark from the transports and begin taking shots into the entrenched Chaos Tactical Squad. One of my Hammerhead gunships wreck one of the Chaos Rhinos, forcing the Berzerkers and Huron Blackheart to disembark.

Chaos Rhinos pop smoke and charge into a hail of Tau fire

Leigh’s Rhinos race toward my weaker right flank and pop smoke grenades to avoid the same fate as the destroyed tank. Heavy weapons from the entrenched Marines fire unsuccessfully into my closing Devilfish skimmer tanks thanks to their Disruption Pods.

The Land Raider barrels ominously closer to my lines, and immobilise my leading Devilfish with a lascannon shot to the side. Blackheart’s Berzerkers head toward the central ruins to meet my Kroot warriors.

Rather than charging the Berzerkers and risk losing combat, the Kroot fall back toward my battlesuits. Battlesuits in the centre of my line peel away to meet the transports rapidly advancing on my right flank and successfully stun another Rhino. My Hammerhead destroys the third Berzerker-laden transport, the explosion kills three blood-crazed marines.

My Kroot in the far left overlooking the entrenched Marines opens fire, making just two kills. Combined fire from gun drones and Devilfish transports force the same marines to take a Pinning test and Panic test; they fail the latter and flee the table.

Multiple gun drones and Devilfish form a gunline that forced the Chaos Marines (no longer in play) from the area terrain above the central ruins

Leigh’s Obliterators deep-strke onto the table, their mutated flamers cause massive casualties to the central Kroot squad, and they take command of the central ruins.

The Chaos Land Raider swings into action and disgorges the Chaos Sorcerer’s Terminator Squad in the middle of my lines. He casts Lash of Submission on one of my Fire Warrior teams, causing them to wander into the path of the rampaging warriors. Hopelessly out-matched, the Fire Warriors are cut down and begin to flee the table.

Khorne berzerkers, frustrated with the battlesuits’ feint attacks, charge the Kroot in the centre of the board, causing them to flee the table as well. The remaining Rhino transport containing Chaos Chosen disembarks on my right flank, and successfully kills a Tau battlesuit.

The Tau battle line, now completely disrupted by the Terminators are left with no choice but to destroy the Sorcerer and his Terminators in one round of shooting, and without one squad of Fire Warriors with Pulse Rifles, the entire Tau force focused fire to destroy the squad but only kill two Terminators. I tank-shock the squad with one Devilfish to push them away from the rest of my Fire Warriors, and away from assault range.

A Devilfish forces the Terminators away from Tau lines with a Tank Shock.

Without the Sorcerer’s shock troops in assault range of my troops, the Terminators attempt to assault my tank-shocking Devilfish instead – but only manages to score two ‘crew stunned’ results before falling to another round of Tau shooting. The foot-slogging Berzerker squads are similarly cut-down by focused battlesuit fire – Huron Blackheart falls to a plasma rifle round. Leigh retreats his Chaos Chosen in the only remaining Rhino to draw my forces into an attack. While I pursued his forces, Leigh was able to make three Kill Points in one round, but it was not enough to secure victory.


Tau Victory

My Thoughts on the Game:

Leigh’s plan was executed well, but since I had the first turn, the Chaos Rhinos were unable to deploy smoke to defend against my Railguns. It was tempting for me to attempt to destroy the Land Raider, but in the end my investment in destroying Rhinos proved to be a better decision.

Leigh’s entrenched Chaos Marines were well positioned to fire heavy weapons across my battleline, but luckily my Kroot and Gun Drones were able to force them off the board. My lowly Gun Drones were responsible for no less than two Kill Points (Chaos Marines and Obliterators), even though vehicle gun drones offer no Kill Points if they were destroyed – I think this was the only reason they survived as long as they did, and continued harassing the Chaos infantry until the end of the game.

Leigh’s generalship was superb, and he used everything he could to reach my lines, but in the end, some lucky rolls by me, and some unlucky saves made by Leigh resulted in Tau victory but the game was a lot closer than what the Kill Points suggest.

Leigh’s Thoughts on the Game:

I won’t go into detail with the battle report stuff as that was well covered. However, some erratas!

Obliterators started the game on the board, deployed between the Land Raider and the Rhino’s, as I intended to send them up the centre of the board.
The Chosen infiltrated in their Rhino from my left flank, but did nothing the entire game. Probably a bad move by me!!!
I didn’t have unlucky rolling, you outplayed me.

TAU side.
Garry the ‘LAWMAN’ Law played this game to the utmost strength of the Tau. Using the Tau’s range to his advantage, Garry deployed the Firewarriors to the rear of the board, the 30” range of their weapons made to good use. The Devilfish and Hammerheads used to block access to the squishy Firewarrior’s which my assault units would maul. The use of the Tau vehicles up close allowed them to use their shorter ranged weaponry as well.

CSM side.
The Spearhead deployment AND going second really hurt the CSM. Spearhead allowed the Tau to start right back and due to Garry’s fantastic deployment strategy, with the weaker units being far out of reach (even with the use of Lash) of my combat units, it was always going to be tough for the CSM. The CSM were outplayed during the deployment phase of the game.

Final Thoughts
FANTASTIC game, and it was closer than some might suspect with 7KP to the CSM and 9 to the TAU.
Hilarious how the Obliterators couldn’t hit a thing till the end of the game!
The Railguns which should have mutilated my tanks only managed to kill one or two Rhino’s the whole game.
I would happily play Garry again any day for a rematch!

TSC Round 4 Tau vs Dark Angels (non Deathwing Company)

Round 4 Tau (Garry) vs Dark Angels (Chris)
Dawn of War, Seize Ground (5 Objectives)

Tau patrols attempt to recover remnants of a downed patrol wing in a marshy wasteland. Dark Angels assault troops race to retrieve the alien artefacts first.

Another themed battlefield containing both Tau and Space Marine wrecks and lots of scattered area-terrain, ruins and elevated edges.

I place three objectives across the centre of the board, Chris’s objectives are placed behind terrain features, away from line-of-sight.

Both sides deploy conservatively, each refusing to move too far into the mid-field. My Fire Warriors deploy on two pieces of elevated terrain, overlooking the Dark Angels’ deployment area. Chris’ tactical marines deploy close to his two primary objectives – leaving the central objective the only one uncontested by either side.

Round 4 Tau Deployment


My first turn was focused on deploying the Pathfinders in the mid-field with sight-lines throughout the majority of the board. Their Devilfish transport loiters in front of them to provide cover in the open ground. A lucky shot by my Hammerheads moving in from the flanks allowed me to wreck one of Chris’ Rhino transports, forcing the Tactical Marines out of their transport and huddle around their primary objective.

My Hammerheads make cautious moves into the centre and left flanks to reinforce the Pulse Rifle team already deployed, whilst Kroot soldiers scurry to bolster the gunlines. All my battlesuit teams spread throughout my lines, utilising the Skimmers and terrain as cover.

Chris starts his turn aggressively, focusing a powerful mix of Space Marine Bikers and Assault Marines to advance down my left flank. His bikers turbo-boost, granting him a cover save against any plasma rifle shots I direct toward him. Poor spotting rolls mean that his forces fail to fire an early shot.

On my second turn, two Fire Warrior teams on my right flank embark onto their transports to swing around Chris’ left flank in an attempt to create a crossfire over the central objective and Chris’ deployment area. A lone Predator Destructor guards his flank.

My first priority is to destroy the Bikers, who are within assault distance to my entrenched Fire Warriors and Pathfinders. With the aid of Markerlights, I was able to destroy all but one of the bikers – the one with a meltagun.

Chris’ deep-striking Terminators become available from reserve and attempt to land in front of my lines, but poor scattering rolls take him further away.

A Deathwing squad teleports onto the field

Chris advances yet again, but instead of assaulting my troops, his bikers fire a Meltagun shot into my Hammerhead gunship, sending it crashing into the marsh. His Assault marines could jump into possible charging distance to my warriors, but instead they jump behind terrain away from my line-of-sight to avoid fire in case his troops don’t reach assault range. To make up for the shortened charge, a pair of dreadnoughts advance, firing plasma and lascannon shots into my battlesuit teams – instantly killing one of my commanders. His Predator swings into action, firing all weapons into my lines, but fail to do significant damage. The newly arrived Terminators fire accurately into my gunlines, but my troops survive the fusillade.

In my next shooting phase, all my rifle and Kroot teams were still almost at full-strength, and wasted no time firing a hail of energy bolts into the Assault Marines and Terminators, depleting both squads to just a couple of models. My devilfish positioned in front of my Pathfinders rams into one of the Dreadnoughts, which is finished off by the Railgun of my remaining Hammerhead tank. Pulse carbine warriors and an XV8 team approach the side-armour of the predator and a lucky missile causes it to explode.

The Dark Angels Commander consults his rulebook as a Devilfish transport rams his Dreadnought

Ezekiel makes a late-game show of force by charging into my remaining commander who neglected to jump back, killing him in a duel but without his assault troops intact, Chris begins to move his troops into a defensive arc around his objectives, leaving me free to take the centre objective in the final turn of the game.


Tau Victory

My Thoughts on the Game:

There were some really scary moments in this game – particularly when Terminators, Bikers and Assault Marines all reached assault distance to my lines, but luckily the sheer volume of Tau fire was able to neutralise the early threat.

Ezekiel, and the Dark Angels Tactical Marines saw very little of the battle and instead fiercely guarded their primary objectives – the game could have been very different if they had advanced with the rest of the troops. Chris made some incredibly bold moves to reach my lines, but unfortunately not enough models could survive to reach my troops in close-combat.

TSC Round 3 Tau vs Dark Angels (Deathwing Company)

Round 2 Tau (Garry) vs Dark Angels (Gregor)
Spearhead, Capture and Control

Tau forces occupy an imperial Stronghold. Belial and his Deathwing Company are tasked to break the siege

This wide, open battlefield features a heavily-cratered blastscape on one side, and multiple rows of Imperial walls on the other.

Fearing Gregor’s Deathwing deep-strikers, I deployed in a classic Tau corner-castle formation, leaving all but just a smidget of land for his Terminators to land on if they wish to deep-strike into my lines. Obviously, I chose to position my primary objective in the same corner.

The close proximity of my troops meant that any attempt to land behind my lines would likely force a Deepstrike Mishap.
Being an all-terminator army, Gregor’s numbers were small, but insanely powerful. His pair of dreadnoughts hold a defensive perimeter around his primary objective. Fortunately for me, Gregor deploys two of his Terminator Squads at his Objective rather than deep striking closer to my lines.

The Terminators on the left are forced to stay behind to guard the objective.

The battle starts with the terrifying Deathwing Assault. As planned, Gregor was unable to drop behind my tightly-packed formations, but one five-man Terminator squad land just in front of my tanks, their Storm-Bolters causing havoc amongst my Kroot auxiliaries and forcing them to take panic tests early on. A second Terminator Squad scatters further away from my lines and painfully close to obstacles, but no Dangerous Terrain tests were made.

Gregor’s Dreadnoughts take long-ranged shots into my battle-line, but thankfully no major damage is done.

On my return fire, I was able to completely destroy the Closer Terminator Squad, but it required over two-thirds of my army to focus their fire. My Pulse Carbine-wielding Fire Warriors positioned dangerously close to the second squad of Terminators retreat toward the centre of my deployment area, but still able to fire into the Terminators, killing one more Marine.

Gregor rolls unluckily for his remaining Terminator Squad (which contains Belial) in reserve, and since his other Terminators are too far to Assault my troops, I was able to shoot them without fear.

Terminators arrive by Deathwing Assault, only to be wiped out in a turn of Tau shooting

By the time Belial and his Terminators became available and teleported into the midst of my lines, I still had enough firepower to finish the Terminators off in a third round of shooting, and a Kroot assault.

Gregor cunningly orders his Dreadnoughts to destroy two of my Devilfish transports, denying any chance of me rushing for his objective. By the fifth turn, we ran out of time, but it was evident that this was going to be a stalemate as my Fire Warriors had no way to take the Dark Angel objective on foot, while Gregor’s only remaining Terminator squad had to stay on his side of the board in order to claim his own objective.



My Thoughts on the Game:

My saving grace was that Gregor was unable to throw just one more Terminator Squad at my lines because they needed to claim his own primary objective. If they had joined the attack however, they probably would have overwhelmed my lines and probably taken my objective.

Gregor’s tactics were safe, and my gunlines refused to budge, resulting in a standoff where all the action happened in the shooting phases. There were some tense moments where my gunlines had to absolutely destroy the teleporting Terminators, and if any of them survived to assault me in close-combat, the story would have been completely different.

TSC Round 2 Tau vs Chaos Marines

Round 2 Tau (Garry) vs Chaos Marines (Edward)
Pitched Battle, Annihilation

A Tau colony on the Eastern Fringe has requested urgent reinforcements after Chaos Marines attack the settlement. Sa’cea armoured elements respond.

Themed in Tau ruins, the map contained a centrally-placed circular set of ruins that provided good cover for troops contained inside. Wrecks and other pieces of terrain are scattered evenly across the board.

I deployed first, positioning my Hammerheads on either flank, and the three Devilfish transports in the centre, ready to rush into the central square.

Edward positioned his Land Raider and Dreadnought in the far left corner behind some rocks, and a couple of Rhino transports were spaced closely on the same flank. A third Rhino containing more Noise Marines is positioned in the centre, ready to take the central ruins.

My Kroot and Pathfinders infiltrate, and set-up a firing position inside the central ruins.

TSC Round 2 - Tau Deployment

My forces rush early to secure the centre of the battlefield. My entire right flank consisting of an XV8 team, a Hammerhead gunship and Pulse Carbine warriors in Devilfish began to swing around Edward’s bare left flank.

Early shots from both my tanks hit home on two Chaos Rhinos, forcing two squads to disembark. I detach all my gun-drones and begin to screen my advance.

Tau Railguns find their mark

The Chaos turn sees marines streaming toward the centre of my Kroot battle lines. The remaining Chaos rhino crashes through ruins to deploy a squad of scary-looking Noise Marines just inches away from the Kroot.

The Land Raider and Dreadnought fire unsuccessfully on my Hammerhead, thanks to my Disruption Pods (this 10 point upgrade will prove to be the most worthwhile investment for me this tournament).

My left-most hammerhead hits the Land Raider, immobilising it. Fire warriors, confident that the enemy will be unable to advance further deploy in the open-ground behind their transports. Despite making 4 markerlight hits, the Tau see very poor shooting against the imminent Noise Marine threat, and the Kroot are forced to assault them across the barricades. The Kroot lose combat and are caught in a sweeping advance.

Things continue to go down badly for me in Edward’s second turn. The sorcerer from the Land Raider disembarks and moves toward my battle lines. His Lash of Submission forces my fire warriors into his assault range, and he cuts them down mercilessly.

On the same turn, the Chaos Noise Marines that have been able to advance forward from Sweeping Advance against my Kroot charge into the centre of my second Fire Warrior squad – amazingly, the combat is drawn with one kill each.
Edward’s lascannon shots finally destroy my Hammerhead on the left flank, and his remaining Noise Marines happily fire heavy weapons onto my XV8’s from afar.

The Chaos Marines faced this situation.. and won

Desperate to hold the middle ground, my remaining Kroot squad charges into the back of the Noise Marines still engaged with the Fire Warriors, but this is futile. The great initiative advantage of the Noise Marines meant that I lost combat, and everything starts falling back.


Chaos Victory

My Thoughts on the Game:

Despite having an awesome position advantage in the first few turns, I admit that I got way too confident with the situation and made some hugely bad calls.

My Kroot in the centre of the battlefield were too stubborn to move, and charged into a 50-50 combat situation with the Noise Marines, when they should have retreated to the gunlines of the Fire Warriors.

Even though Edward explained at length about how Lash of Submission works, I chose to ignore the information and ultimately paid the price when I disembarked one of my Fire Warrior teams too close to his Land Raider.

This was one of those games where I really should have won the game given my obvious advantages in the first turn by destroying half of the opponent’s transports and making the enemy sitting ducks, but I lost my cool while Edward kept a calm mind and quickly proved the close-combat prowess of his Noise Marines.

Edward’s Thoughts:

The only victory i had during the tournament, basically in my opinion a combination of decent luck, a few tactical errors on Garry’s part and a well-executed fire plan/assault plan on mine.

the battle went pretty much as Garry said, the Obliterators turned up on time, but in the excitement of assaults forgetting to fire them as they arrived slowed down the destruction of the tau forces considerably. Their further turns though saw them wiping out pathfinders, XV8 teams, and other tau who were in their path.

If the tau forces had kept their kroot allies in the back lines as a fighting reserve it would have gone differently, as it was my noise marines even deprived of transports were close enough to close into heavy fire-fights with my right flank and my center.

Lash of submission was an amazing investment in this game as the sorceror proved time and again, constantly pulling squads forward into his own assault range and the range of his small bodyguard. (that he had seperated from for the purpose of using lash of submission.)

As expected once the Noise Marine line closed into melee it was pretty much a foregone conclusion though the Tau held in the center of the ruins against the marines for two full turns of close combat before finally breaking under the pressure of their speed and strength.

Overall it was a hard-fought game with victorious squads of noise marines cut down by sustained firepower as they ran down the defeated tau, while my remainig forces focused on annhiIating the remaining tau forces. I truly think my calm held well throughout the game despite the early setbacks and good firing positions of the Tau, their overconfidence in advancing to meet the noise marines proved their downfall and the loss of many earth-caste tau from their colony world.

In all it was my favourite game purely because Garry was a considerate and kind opponent, and our after-battle discussion of tactics and relevant events as they unfolded was truly interesting and enjoyable. I wish his Tau luck in the future.

TSC Round 1 Tau vs Dark Eldar

Round 1 Tau (Garry) vs Dark Eldar (Mike)
Dawn of War, Seize Ground (4 objectives)

Drawn by unusual transmissions emanating from an Imperial colony, a heavily-armed Sa’cea hunter cadre is sent to investigate. As dawn reveals an abandoned Imperial outpost, the Tau are ambushed by Dark Eldar Raiders.

Unable to set-up a markerlight base for my Pathfinders due to Dawn of War, I was forced to use the first turn purely to manoeuvre the infantry elements of the army into better firing positions for turn 2. A bastion sitting on my right flank was going to be the drop-off destination for my Pathfinders, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to reach it in one turn.

TSC Battlefield of Round 1

Mike read my positioning well in advance and deployed his Webway Portal troops on the same side as the bastion to harass any of my attempts to secure the elevated position.

With the help of acute senses my Shas El was able to spot and wreck one of Mike’s raiders, forcing his troops to disembark.

Wrecked Raider

Mike’s first turn saw some excellent shooting by the other remaining raider, forcing one of my all-important Kroot and Kroot-hound squads to fall back off the table edge that I just arrived on – this would prove to cripple whatever chance I had of slowing his assault troops down.

In turn 2, my pathfinders finally rappel onto the top of the bastion, but poor Devilfish piloting causes the skimmer to immobilise itself on top of the building with the Pathfinders. A hammerhead gunship accompanies the scouts to add extra fire support. The scouts and my hammerhead fire a volley into the Dark Eldar troops controlling the Webway, but causes only 2 kills, and fails to pin the enemy.

Pathfinders Oversee Raiders Swarming from a Webway Portal

As my forces begin to enter the middle of the field, I decide against disembarking my firewarriors in order to see where Mike decides to move his raiders. Focused fire from my XV8 pilots destroy the other Raider.

Mike’s second turn quickly sets the scene for a bloody conflict; Raiders pour out of the Webway Portal, setting up positions all through the centre of the battlefield while wyches assault and wipe out my remaining Kroot squad. Heavy weapons from Dark Eldar skimmers shake and stun my transports. Mike refuses to disembark the remainder of his ground troops, presumably to avoid my fire-warriors’ return fire.

As Wyches begin to close in on my isolated Pathfinders in the bastion, my XV8’s with twin-linked flamers become available from reserve, deep-striking next to one of the wych squads and burning them all to a crisp. Without any meaningful markerlight targets, the Pathfinders continue to take pot-shots at the entrenched Webway Portal troops.

My hammerheads find their mark on two of Mike’s transports, wrecking them, but not blowing them up despite having AP1 weapons, and firing at open-topped vehicles – blast! My firewarriors, which have disembarked in the movement phase take rapid-fire shots into the exposed troops – but disappointingly they don’t wipe them out.

Mike’s following turn seals my fate; wyches destroy my flamer-wielding battlesuits who simply couldn’t jump far enough in their assault move to avoid the incredible running and charging distance of the wyches. Dark Eldar heavy weapons cripple and destroy my hammerhead gunships, and yet more Raiders become available from reserve.

The Tau forces were completely surrounded and destroyed. A last-ditch effort by me to embark my troops into the last devilfish transport to flee the centre of the battlefield was denied by a raider’s cannon, and my pathfinders lost the firefight against the troops holding the Webway.

Dark Eldar surround Tau Fire Warriors

Complete Dark Eldar Victory

My Thoughts on the Game:
The lesson of the day is: Destroy the Webway Portal! Since I deployed first, I wasn’t able to set-up the possibility of making a good shot at the Webway troops, but my second turn was completely wasted on focusing on the nearer threat of raiders on the board. I really should have given that Webway everything that I’ve got to remove the threat from the game.

My kroot performed disappointingly in the most crucial matchup against a CC-heavy army, but even they would probably not have saved me from this game. My battlesuits performed even worse (with the exception of the flamer team). Since the Kroot made an early exit from the game, my battlesuits took up the role of being very heavy speed-bumps to protect my objective-holders, but really they should have kept jumping away to make extra kills. My decision to keep the fire warriors embarked should have continued until the final turn, but my being an impatient general, I disembarked them to make a lazy kill.

Mike was definitely the better general of the day – pushing his raiders into my face early to distract my fire away from his much more valuable troops, and buying himself some much needed movement turns to divide and isolate my forces.

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Militarum Tempestus – Tempestor Prime

Militarum Tempestus – Tempestor Prime

My Militarum Tempestus army is going to use the classic Kasrkin models as Scions, and the newer plastic models as the [Read More]

Stormraven Incoming!

Stormraven Incoming!

I’ve got to say – the Stormraven has to be one of the best all-round vehicles in the game. My plan for this [Read More]

Inquisitor Lord Veritus

Inquisitor Lord Veritus

Alright! It’s been a few weeks, but I finally got back into this amazing hobby. Behold Lord Inquisitor Veritus. [Read More]

Revamped Display Cabinet

Revamped Display Cabinet

This piano-black display cabinet was Mum and Dad’s gift for buying my first home – it houses my finest [Read More]

Tau vs Chaos Daemons

Tau vs Chaos Daemons

Had a great 1500 point battle versus Chaos Daemons on the weekend! OBJECTIVE: The Relic DEPLOYMENT: Pitched Battle Turn [Read More]

Predator Annihilator

Predator Annihilator

The Predator Annihilator has a single-minded task in my Ultramarines army: to blow up the big things. I decided to add [Read More]



Whilst none of my mates play Warhammer, we all enjoy the occasional boardgame or Dreadfleet. Our latest obsession [Read More]

Infinite Lore – DIY Space Marine Generator

It’s been a couple of years since my Chapter Name Generator and Space Marine Name Generator hit the web, and now [Read More]

Cato Sicarius Tactics

I’ve been using Sicarius for my last few games up to 1500 points, and I must say he has given my armies a huge [Read More]

The Malbede Alliance

The Malbede Alliance

In Malbede, the Ultramarines and a Tau expeditionary force clashed, awakening the Necrons below the planet’s [Read More]