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Monday June 25th 2018

Zero G Gameboard Idea

Space Marines have an organ under their skin that secretes a waxy substance to allow them to be exposed to harsh environments… and even space… without dying.

That is cool.

This evocative cover art for Horus Heresy book ‘Know No Fear’ captured that awesomeness:


So it got me thinking – what about creating a zero G gameboard? It would be themed around some kind of War Satellite or orbital defense platform, but to REALLY make it feel zero G, it would need to allow models to stick to its surface in awkward angles.

This is my idea – I hope someone can build it for me!


The Lions of Macragge

I finished the rest of the ‘Lions of Macragge’ command squad! Enjoy the pics!

My journey to rebuild the entire 2nd Ultramarines Battle Company is distracted by some of the amazing new Veterans models, but no fear, I’m sure I’ll get there eventually :p

20130916_222720_opt 20130916_222746_opt 20130916_222449_opt 20130916_222532_opt 20130916_222625_opt 20130916_222640_opt 20130916_222657_opt

Ultramarines Company Standard

I haven’t done much freehand painting, so my first ever company standard for the Blood Ravens was done with a custom printed decal.

For my Ultramarines however, I think I’ve gained enough painting experience to do it nice and proper.

the printed Blood Ravens banner


After undercoating your model, the first AND MOST IMPORTANT step is to draw your design with a sharp pencil.



The key skill here is painting within the lines… which sounds easy right?

With sculpted banners like for the Sicarius model or the Chapter Standard bearer in Calgar’s Honour Guard, you could paint with the edge of your brush on the design and be a little less careful with where you place your brush. When painting on the flat banner though, this becomes a lot more challenging, so make sure you have excellent lighting conditions.

I then layer the colours in as normal, doing my best to stay in the lines. Painting over your pencil work is ok, just make sure you have a good memory of the lines, or take a photo of it like I did.



I’ve painted a little too slowly, and the paint had caked up quite a bit. Maybe you’d like to thin the paint down while you work too, and wait for everything to dry before applying new layers.



Work your way up the brightness layers, deliberately leaving out some areas to exaggerate the objects. I left out some areas in the name area to emphasise the folds, and carefully drew the wreath to leave the dark green edges intact. The skull didn’t contrast well with the Ultramarine logo, so I edged it with black.

I feel like my painting skill has leveled up, enjoy!


Painting Power Weapons

My favourite power weapon design is the ‘lightning’ effect. It’s easy to do, and looks pretty badass.

To start, decide on the colour of the power weapon – for my Assault Marine’s power axe, I’m going to use blue.

Give the weapon an all-round layer of dark blue (Regal Blue) or a darker version of your chosen colour.



With most power weapons, you’ll see a small wire and energy source moving through the blade, I decide that this is where I want to show my energy coming from.

I choose a medium blue (Ultramarine Blue) and carefully draw some zigzag paths from the energy source.



Once dry, I choose a lighter colour to draw inside the lines I’ve set – I think Hawk Turquoise will make a good complementary hue and a bit of contrast effect. (For a red glow, you might choose a yellow or orange, while for green, you might choose a yellow or blue complementary¬†hue).

To emphasize the energy source, make the lines more prominent closer to the energy source, and fade further away.


I then use the lightest version of my hue, Ice Blue to trace an even sharper and thinner line that runs down my last lines. Remember this doesn’t need to run all the way, it should fade off before reaching the end. At this point, you can also paint the edge of the weapon a metalic colour. I use Boltgun Metal.



I then wash the weapon with a blue ink (Asurman Blue) and highlight the corners of the lightning with Skull White. I finish off by layering a bright silver (Mithril Silver) on the edge of the weapon.



Hope you like the result!


Painting Sicarius

Sicarius is one of my favourite characters in W40k, so I wanted to take my time painting him and customising the base.

The first thing to do was assemble the model and the base. I used the Citadel basing kits to add some skulls and slate to create my ‘hero rock’.

I then spray the whole model black.

I decide on the layers I want to work from: The blue armour, the gold/red, then the silver, then the rest.

For the armour, I layer a dark blue (Regal Blue):



I then layer Ultramarine blue on top




I then add edge highlights to the top-facing edges of the armour using 1:1 Ultramarine Blue and Skull White. I also decide to layer the parts that will become white later with a medium grey (Codex Grey):



The thing about Gold and Red, is that they both turn out really well if you have a dark brown undercoat. Here, I’m using Scorched Brown for the areas I want to be gold and red:



Once all these areas have undercoats, you can quickly tell if the colour scheme is balanced to your liking. You can assume anything left black will either be silver, or some kind of shiny gem or lens. I follow the same pattern with the Gold layers, but instead of highlighting them straight away like with the armour, I wash it down with Devlan Mud first.



Patience is key – work layer by layer through the different colours of the model and do not rush, ever!

For the laurels, I base with Dark Angels Green, then highlight with Goblin Green.

For the red areas, I undercoat with Scab Red, then highlight with Blood Red.

For the red gems, I colour it Scab Red on one side, Blood Red on the other, then add a small white dot on the darker side.

For the blue gems, I colour it Regal Blue on one side, Ice Blue on the other, then add a small white dot on the darker side.

For the green eye lenses, I colour it goblin green, then add a small Scorpion Green dot on the inner corner and a small white dot on the outer corners.

For all gold and metal areas, I wash using Devlan Mud, then highlight using Mithril Silver.



Devastators – First attempt at source lighting

Here’s my first unit of Ultramarine Devastators.

Captain is armed with a Combi-Plasma from the Sternguard Weapons upgrade sprue.

2x Missile Launchers

2x Plasma Cannons

My strategy for running this squad is to hunt armoured infantry while driving around in a Rhino transport. By pairing the heavy weapons, I can always choose which pair fires while protected by the Rhino.

The large amount of plasma weapons really tested my skills in painting convincing green glows – I think I did an ok job though!

image_optimized image_2_optimized image_1_optimized


Storm Talon to the rescue!

I just finished modeling the Storm Talon tonight.

I designed the base so that it looks like the fighter is coming to the aid of some seriously bummed-up guardsmen. Enjoy!




Painting the Land Speeder Storm

Out of all the Warhammer 40k models I’ve made, I think the Land Speeder Storm was amongst the most challenging.

Vehicle Assembly Vehicle Assembly

The vehicle itself was easy enough to assemble, but to really make it awesome, you had to paint and model the crew.

Scouts with Elysian Drop Troops helmets, getting ready for painting Scouts with Elysian Drop Troops helmets, getting ready for painting

I decided to get use Elysian Drop Troop helmets from Forgeworld for my scouts, I think you’ll agree they look a lot more badass.

Storm painting progress Storm painting progress

The key to getting a good result is to be extremely patient. Forget for a while that the model is only 50 points, and fulfills a disputable role in your army and just enjoy all the little details around this model. From the interiors to the rappel handles on the roof, this model is one of my favourites.

All done All done


Ultramarine Expeditionary Units

My friend Lin (follow her @linmei) helped me take some amazing photos of my Ultramarine Tactical squad around Sydney yesterday.
Needless to say, she had an amazing camera! I love the way the models are posed with the scenery, unlike many of the clean or plain backgrounds that usually come with these kinds of photos.
This is my heavy bolter marine, Snappy. This is my heavy bolter marine, Snappy.

Snappy loves to travel Snappy loves to travel Snappy took down a charging Carnifex with Overwatch Snappy took down a charging Carnifex with Overwatch



Tac Squad 2

Rhino Transport

Codex: Space Marines Tank Strategies

Battle-brothers! No doubt by now, you have heard about the new xenos threat known as the Tau. Fear not, for now I bring you the Warhammer 40k Space Marine tank strategies that has kept humanity alive for the last 10,000 years.

Space Marine Tanks overview

It is important to recognise that all Space Marine tanks, with the exception of the Land-Raider, should be treated as ‘light’ tanks. They may have an impressive arsenal, but they have very weak side and rear armour values – this makes Space Marine tank positioning extremely important in any matchup. Don’t be afraid to use smoke launchers if it means it buys your tanks more time to move into the most ideal firing position.

  • Rhino – The basic Space Marine transport tank gives your heavy infantry even more protection, while still allowing a couple of weapons to be fired from the top-hatch. They can also deliver your marines quickly to firing positions and obscure enemy fire in an open objective. Dozer blades are a must at only 10 points, to ensure your troops travel unimpeded through rough terrain and rubble.
  • Razorback – This up-gunned transport is great for ferrying Command Squads which typically have less heavy weaponry. Upgrading the weapons system beyond the standard twin-linked heavy bolter can prove expensive though!
  • Predator – At 85 points, a Predator equipped with anti-infantry weapons can fire a staggering 8 shots and adding an extra storm bolter can increase this even further to 10. Alternatively, a lascannon-equipped Predator is the final say in taking down battlesuits, monstrous creatures and enemy vehicles. Predators also have increased frontal armour, making them more reliable in a spearhead.
  • Whirlwind – This missile artillery unit is fantastic for large battlefields, thinning out enemies before they are met in the close/mid-range combat that Space Marines thrive in.
  • Vindicator – This close-range siege unit is the most powerful anti-armour ordnance unit. Although it has limited firing arcs, it is compensated by the fact that a touch from its cannon can reduce the heaviest enemy tanks to wrecks.
  • Land Raiders – The most heavily-armoured tank in Warhammer 40k (aside from Apocalypse units), the Land Raider is a rolling bastion and assault vehicle in one package. The standard Land Raider with Power of the Machine Spirit can fire both its twin-linked lascannons at separate targets, easily destroying any vehicles in range. They can also be taken as Dedicated Transports for a Terminator unit.
    The anti-infantry Crusader and Redeemer variants are designed for mid-range and close-range combat respectively, giving the commander options to stitch holes through enemy troops or burning entire formations with ease.

Remember, Your infantry are vulnerable in the open, so give them Rhinos for protection. Space Marine tanks don’t operate in squadrons, so choose your armour wisely in larger games. Finally, remember that Land Raiders can be taken as a Dedicated Transport for your Terminators, giving you extra room for another Heavy Support option!


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