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Friday March 23rd 2018

Tau vs Chaos Daemons

Had a great 1500 point battle versus Chaos Daemons on the weekend!


DEPLOYMENT: Pitched Battle

Turn 1:

Chaos daemon and allied Chaos Marine soft units are positioned strategically in ruins, protected by overlapping fields of fire from a Forgefiend and Helbrute. In reserve is a Heldrake, Daemons of Nurgle and Bloodletters of Khorne.

Tau infantry start the game in 3 Devilfish transports, flanked by 2 Hammerheads and supported by forward Pathfinders and Crisis battlesuits.

Chaos daemons start with a bunch of pink horrors moving into forests. Flamers of Tzeentch advance toward the relic. A Forgefiend and Helbrute are positioned across the battle line, unsuccessfully taking pot-shots against my mechanized forces. The pink horrors make a lucky witchfire attack and destroy my Pathfinders unit. The Forgefiend activates Demonforge, successfully immobilizing one of my Hammerheads.

In response, the Tau make a sweeping move toward the objective and unload Fire Warriors to seize the objective. Fire Warriors with carbines also redeploy on ruins to oversee the oncoming pink horror threat. A hammerhead successfully glances the Helbrute, forcing it to crazily stay in his position to shoot stuff. The immobilized Hammerhead makes an epic snap-shot with its Railgun against the Forgefiend but one-ups the penetration roll.

Flamers of Tzeentch and a Screamer Chariot get vapourized by a storm of pulse fire.

Turn 2:

The Heldrake arrives, making an unsuccessful Vector Strike on one of my Devilfish transports, but killing a handful of Fire Warriors with bale fire. The Forgefiend finishes off the crippled Hammerhead with a hail of bullets. Khorne Bloodletters and demons of Nurgle arrive by deep strike to reinforce the Pink Horrors.

Tau reinforcements arrive – a massive 24 man Kroot unit with 8 hounds Outflank the board behind the demons. A wave of fire from the Kroot and entrenched Fire Warriors destroy the Pink Horrors, Bloodletters and servants of Nurgle. The only remaining model is a Herald of Nurgle that gets charged by 2 Gun Drones from a Devilfish.

Across the board, the Tau commanders make a lucky shot with their missiles to destroy the Heldrake, but it crashes into the Fire Warriors holding the relic, causing them to panic and flee.

Against the Helbrute, EMP wielding warriors charge and destroy it in close combat.



The game ended prematurely as the shop was closing up, but I was happy with the way aggressive, charging Tau tactics worked against the Daemons/Chaos Marines combo!


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