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Friday March 23rd 2018

Ultramarines Company Standard

I haven’t done much freehand painting, so my first ever company standard for the Blood Ravens was done with a custom printed decal.

For my Ultramarines however, I think I’ve gained enough painting experience to do it nice and proper.

the printed Blood Ravens banner


After undercoating your model, the first AND MOST IMPORTANT step is to draw your design with a sharp pencil.



The key skill here is painting within the lines… which sounds easy right?

With sculpted banners like for the Sicarius model or the Chapter Standard bearer in Calgar’s Honour Guard, you could paint with the edge of your brush on the design and be a little less careful with where you place your brush. When painting on the flat banner though, this becomes a lot more challenging, so make sure you have excellent lighting conditions.

I then layer the colours in as normal, doing my best to stay in the lines. Painting over your pencil work is ok, just make sure you have a good memory of the lines, or take a photo of it like I did.



I’ve painted a little too slowly, and the paint had caked up quite a bit. Maybe you’d like to thin the paint down while you work too, and wait for everything to dry before applying new layers.



Work your way up the brightness layers, deliberately leaving out some areas to exaggerate the objects. I left out some areas in the name area to emphasise the folds, and carefully drew the wreath to leave the dark green edges intact. The skull didn’t contrast well with the Ultramarine logo, so I edged it with black.

I feel like my painting skill has leveled up, enjoy!


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