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Saturday February 24th 2018

Tau tactics in 6th edition

So, 6th edition has been out for a while, I think I’m long overdue for some theory on how the Tau battleplan might be affected.

My last tournament with Tau was at the Tasmanian State Championships, and I did pretty average – mainly because I was really new to competitive play I guess!

New Assault Range

The most important tactics while playing Tau is to negate enemy assault and melee troops, so the change to the charge rules is pretty significant. With 2D6 for rolling charge range, most enemy infantry can potentially charge 12 inches, though the average would be about 7.


Now, when enemies declare a charge attempt, our gun-lines and battlesuits can fire Snap Shots in a last-ditch shooting attack. It’s definitely a bonus for the Tau army, even though we must roll sixes to score any hits. Good news is, we can fire even before the range is calculated – so a failed enemy charge is a free volley from the Tau.

Precision Shots

All Independant Characters and Sergeants gain Precision Shots, so now all our Battlesuits’ and Fire Warrior Shas’ui can allocate rolls to hit of sixes. This is a very good bonus for taking sergeants in your gun-lines now for that extra chance at scoring a sniper shot. Our battlesuit commanders also get a boost with this new rule.

Squadron Damage

Vehicles in a squadron can leave the squadron when damaged in some cases now – giving the Pirahna fleet a better reason to be fielded.

Area Terrain Cover Reduced

Area terrain like craters now only offer a standard of 5+ cover saves, this should be music to the ears of all Tau players who have difficulty whittling away enemy troops that advance through cover.

Defensive Grenades Buff

Defensive grenades now grant Stealth against shooters within 8-inch range which is a nice buff without taking focus away from its main purpose which is to deny extra enemy charging attacks.

Rapid Fire Weapons Buff

Rapid Fire weapons can now fire once at full range, even if the unit moved – this means the Fire Warriors can back-peddle for those crucial extra shots before the enemy is met at a charge. These weapons can now also fire at half their range twice instead of a flat 12-inches; this means the stock standard pulse rifle has a rapid fire range of 15 inches, not bad at all!

Casualty Allocation

Closest models to the shooter are now removed first – this is amazing news for Tau because now shooting attacks can actually increase the distance between the enemy charger and the Tau gunline.

All in all, I think the new edition of rules has given the Tau a better chance of survival by simply favouring ranged weapons ever so slightly – and why not? We are in the 41st Millenium after all – only cavemen swing power swords around ;).


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