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Saturday February 24th 2018

TSC 2010 Summary and Unit Review

After two days of hard fighting, the Hunter Cadre decides that they have seen enough dying, and return to their home world of Sa’cea to await further orders from Tau command.

My first Warhammer 40k tournament was a great experience, and I got to see some amazing armies on display. My final tally is 2 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses putting me smack in the middle of the pack.

I received 1st place for ‘Best Sportsman’ and received a Trygon model kit which is incredible since I didn’t expect to win any of the prizes –  all in all Hobart was well worth the trip!

My Loot

Army Unit Summary

Battlesuits – all my XV8 suit teams, especially my commanders did some amazing damage for their points cost. My only ‘surprise’ unit was the twin-linked Flamer team, that only managed to do their up-close-toasting job once in the first game to wipe out a Dark Eldar Wyche squad, but even then, they were killed straight afterwards. Long ranged weapon loadouts such as the missile pod and plasma rifles were the main killers, and I could really have used more of them. Another reason why my Flamer team didn’t do so well was because I face so many Marine opponents – they were more likely to make more impact against a horde enemy like Orks or Tyranids.

Fire Warriors- three full squads of fire warriors did a great job of covering vast areas of the battlefield, and made good use of the small number of markerlight hits, but the Pulse Carbine equipped squad didn’t give me the extra flexibility that I had hoped. I guess they did add a little extra firepower on foot when the Devilfish transports started exploding but in the end I would have loved to have another squad of Pulse Rifles instead for the extra range.

Kroot Carnivores/Hounds- The Kroot provided a good volume of support fire for the Fire Warriors, and they did slow the opponent down in some situations, but I felt they were still not utilised to their full potential. Their close-combat was dismal, and they would probably have performed better if they formed a single large squad instead. This way, they would have performed better when receiving assaults.

Devilfish Transports- The transport tanks and their gun drones played a huge part in delaying the enemy, and undeniably better than the Kroot in fulfilling the same role. Their ability to Tank Shock enemies was a rare but useful tactic that saved my troops more than once.

Pathfinders- The Tau scouts lit up the battlefield and contributed greatly to the shooting I had in my victorious games. This squad could probably have been divided into two smaller teams to give more flexibility in target selection – but other than that, this team performed very well in all my games.

Hammerheads – Ah, the fearsome Hammerhead gunships. Their supreme firepower guaranteed me early kills against enemy transports and walkers, and having two of them really allowed my tanks to dictate the positioning of enemy vehicles. I could not imagine winning any games if these gunships were not part of my arsenal.

The Hunter Cadre

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