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Rise of Gladiators

I'm pleased to announce the launch of my new mobile game, Rise of Gladiators!

After a month's worth of work between me and Brendan of, the game is now free to download for both Apple and Android users.

Rise of Gladiators for iPhone/iPad:

Rise of Gladiators for Android:



Backyard Bolt for iPhone

backyard bolt

Backyard Bolt is my first game built with Corona SDK, a mobile framework that uses very similar principles as Adobe Flash.

iPhone owners with children (of all ages) , if you have 99 cents to spare, please support me by downloading and rating the game!


Moving from ActionScript to Lua

So I've finally started to build my next game with Corona SDK. I don't develop on Mac very often, but since I positively need the next game to play on iOS, there's little choice!

First impressions of Lua are kinda meh - I think AS3's strict typing has turned me into an ECMA Script Nazi. In the first few tutorials, I keep finding myself trying to typeset my variables.

Listeners are taking a little effort to get used to, and no semi-colons after each line? This will take a little time!

I blame most of my problems on the lacklustre features of TextMate + Lua bundle, compared with FlashBuilder. There's just no replacement for drop-menu code hints. Huh... that's right, maybe I should download Eclipse and find a Lua plugin instead.

Will post more about my new quest!

UPDATE: got Eclipse running with LUA plugin, but no Corona specific hinting...