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Google Glass learnathon

Check out my post on the Google Glass learnathon on my company website.


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Caltex My Truck Mate

It's not all fun and games... unless you put me in the project!

Caltex just released My Truck Mate, a project for which I was Tech Lead over the last couple of months. This is the first project that I've tech-led that is built natively in iOS and Android, so it's lightning fast!

With this app, Caltex truckies can find Caltex stations along a route, filter stations that accomodate their trucks and needs.

I also made sure there was a Candy-Crush minigame in there, because ME!

caltex_screen caltex_screen2 caltex3

Download Free for iPhone:



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Rise of Gladiators

I'm pleased to announce the launch of my new mobile game, Rise of Gladiators!

After a month's worth of work between me and Brendan of, the game is now free to download for both Apple and Android users.

Rise of Gladiators for iPhone/iPad:

Rise of Gladiators for Android: