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How to Follow the Quests

As Sir Beefus Maximus travelled the lands in pursuit of his quest for Flash-dominance, like-minded citizens, heroes and scantilly -clad , cat-like humans flocked from all corners of the world to participate in the journey.

In most part, all of the articles can be simply taken as-is, but to get the most out of them, it is highly recommended that you purchase or download a trial of Flash CS3/CS4 in order to use the files that accompany each Flash Quest article.

PC users can also download FlashDevelop, to take advantage of the FlashDevelop files included in the accompanying files- however it is not essential.

Throughout the articles, there are scattered code snippets and examples which are not intended to work solely on their own (so paste these at your own risk!) but they are meant to demonstrate the principles of what is relevant. For example:

var pafawned:draneiCharacter = new draneiCharacter(10,false);

The above statement is implying that draneiCharacter is an object type that accepts 2 arguments. It doesn't elaborate on the draneiCharacter type code, nor does it explain what the '10' and 'false' means. If you use your imagination, perhaps 10 can be pafawned's health or XP level. The purpose of these articles is to deepen your insight in ActionScript programming as opposed to the zillion tutorials out there that will walk you through line-by-line.

Once you have a basic grasp of using Flash, you can get into the basics of coding (Flash Quest - Prologue), or jump into some more involved, high-level work (Flash Quest).

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