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Garry Law

All articles and views expressed are Garry's alone, and have nothing to do with Extro, UNSW, or the white agency.

A passionate video gamer, Garry has been interested in modding games and 3D motion graphics since highschool in 1999 (much to his parents' dismay; they wanted him to become a doctor or lawyer).

During university, Garry started a freelance graphic design service which catered for small-scale advertising and website solutions for a range of small businesses and not-for-profit initiatives.

After graduating, he focused on animation and programming for the Adobe Flash platform before joining the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association (AIMIA) Award-winning team, Extro Interactive in 2007.

As the team's Flash developer, Garry was also heavily involved with all facets of front-end web production, video production and user-interface development.

Garry is currently working in The White Agency as a Senior Developer since the start of 2010.

He owns six Warhammer 40000 armies.